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If you are looking for a web design agency servicing the Miami Dade area, then you could roll the dice and hire the first company that you find and hope for the best. OR you could retain the services of an agency known as much for the affordability of their services as the quality of their web design. An agency who is committed not only to the delivery of top notch website designs but also to a level of customer services that goes beyond what you might expect from any other digital company.

Miami is known as one of the most important business hubs between the US, Latin America and the world at large, and in today’s economy, more so now than ever before, it is important to ensure that companies avail themselves of the very best. Whether your business is based in Florida, or elsewhere, a reputable Web Design Miami Agency can insure that you avail yourself of this vast market.

When it comes to designing a website, what are you choices?

  1. You could create your website yourself
  2. You could use a company that claims they’ll design your website for free
  3. You could hire the nephew of the friend of a friend
  4. You could hire a digital company that will charge you an arm and a leg
  5. You could hire sosSTEVIE.com

I asked these questions to Jacques of sosSTEVIE.com and here are his answers to the first 3 questions

1) You could design your own website

Look, we all have someone we know who remodeled his own kitchen, modernized her own bathroom etc… But in all these cases, those DIY enthusiasts had prior (and serious) knowledge of DIY, a hunger to learn, the tools to the work. And the time to do the job.

At the same time, we also know people who thought they could do it themselves and who ended up causing so much damage to their home that had to hire a professional to a. fix their mess, and b. do the job they were trying to do themselves.

I would say that quite a few of my customers are people who thought they could design their own websites only to realize that they shouldn’t have tried in the first place.

2) Hire a company that claims they’ll design your website for FREE

This is the one that puzzles me the most. I know that we all like free stuff, but don’t people realize that a company who has the money to buy expensive television ads have to get their money from somewhere? Of course there’s a catch. In its mildest form the catch is a monthly fee which in one year can amount to more than what we charge to design a site from scratch. It it’s more cynical form, the catch is that the site doesn’t belong to you at all, but to the company who’s just designed “for free”.  That one is a more serious case because if ever you had differences of opinions with said company, they might decide to simply shut you down and then what do you do?

We'll design your site for FREE

3) My nephew can do it.

So does mine… He’s actually at college right now and a very bright kid. Last summer, he needed a job and asked me if I could give him a website to design.  I did… And then I had to redo it all over.  Don’t serve as a guinea pig.  Maybe someday, your nephew will become the trend setter in website design but right now, it’s just a hobby for him. And if you’re in business, you’ll need every advantages you can get, including a professionally designed website.

For a company who has aspirations to succeed in business, one of the wisest investments they can make, is to hire the right people. Hiring experts can save you money and help you grow your business. It is surprising that when it comes to website design, people think that they can do away with the advice they give themselves with regards to everything else in their business life and then end up paying the consequences.



Cheap 25¢ Phone Sex Number

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Phone sex starting at 25 cents sounds like it’s too good to be true, but there are times in this crazy life of ours when the impossible is made possible, thanks to the help of hard working men and women out there who’s philosophy it is to give as good a deal as they possibly can to their customers and stay in business at the same time.

If it’s the real deal you’re looking for then you’ll love the Cheap 25¢ Phone Sex Number that has taken the adult phone chat industry by storm.

The brain child of a woman who has been in the business since the early 90’s, virtual-phone-sex.com provides a sweet selection of girls, each chosen for the many fetish fantasies this hotline specializes in and they even have transsexuals to help you cross into the delicious world of intriguing sex.

When you call their main number, you’ll get an opportunity to meet with local women who are in search of that added spice that might have lead you to this page. These girls are real, and this particular chat line can lead to a life of real intimacy, and more.

You’re meeting real people, and not professionals who are paid to give you a good time. Talking about professionals, this website also lists some juicy phone sex numbers as well. It works slightly differently than the above hot line but if it’s a sexy rendez-vous you are after, with the outcome you need, then be sure to give these ladies a call.

This is a service for people over the age of 21. There is practically no nudity on the site, so if you’re underage or looking for pictures of pretty ladies, then you might as well open your Britannica encyclopedia. They age check by the way.

All the numbers they provide are toll free, so they’ll even pay for your phone call. I don’t know how they can make money on their 25 cents phone sex line, but hey, it’s there so check it out.

What do you have to loose?